How To Express Your Personality With Your Clothing

The clothes you wear say a lot about you. Clothes are indicators of social status, wealth and they also reveal or perhaps hide aspects of your personality.

If you wear baggy clothes all the time, you may wish to hide your true shape, if you always wear a suit, you may want to emphasize your professional status and if you wear casual clothing all the time, your image will be that of a rather relaxed and easy going individual. No matter what way you look at it, your clothing expresses a part of your personality.

Some people use their clothing to gain respect and status, while others do precisely the opposite and dress down to conceal their wealth.

Some of our choices tend to be conscious, while others are what may be considered accidental but are in actual fact unconscious. You may not wish to make an effort and dress up because you are afraid of the attention you might get, but instead of being aware of your shyness, you may just say to yourself that you don’t like wearing heels.

There are many facets to the psychology of how we dress, and perhaps the most important thing is to try and reflect at least some of who we are with the clothes we wear.

Take a look at some suggestions on how you might express yourself through the clothes you wear.

Expressing Yourself With The Clothes You Wear

We all run the risk of falling victim to fashion trends and powerful brand advertising and more often than not, we simply don’t want to stand out. However, in the spirit of true beauty and authenticity, wearing the clothes you like and feel comfortable in is essential. There are a few golden rules of dressing like a true individual:

Let Your Preferences Overrule Current Trends: If you find yourself hating the current trend and just not finding any item you like, just revert back to clothes you feel and look good in. Don’t be a sheep and don’t wear fashion that clashes with your personality.

Choose Clothes That Raise Your Spirit: We all have items of clothing that lift our spirits and cheer us up. These outfits can help you get through a Monday morning or carry you through an important event. Wear them often and enjoy!

Be Inspired By Others But Don’t Copy Someone Else’s Style: I’ve often been inspired to try new fashion items, but I do try to maintain my own style. While you may seek ideas, it’s best to stay connected to your own sense of fashion.

Wear the Clothes You Love: Don’t let friends and family put you off your style. If someone doesn’t like what you are wearing, it’s their problem, not yours. Don’t be dictated to, make your own choices.

Embrace Your Tones and Shape and Highlight Your Assets: With the help of a stylist or fashion consultant, find out your tones, what colors to put with them, your shape and the best fits. Embrace your natural characteristics and enhance your assets with clever clothing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Cause a Stir: Learn to enjoy getting attention and compliments, bravely wear what you want, regardless of what others may think or say. In most cases, people appreciate brave individuality and will admire you for your authenticity.

Be You

Authenticity and true personality is what it is ultimately down to. It’s also about having a good self-image and loving your own look. It may take a while to develop your style, however, once you know your own natural image and style and dress accordingly, you will look and feel great.


Top Questions Women Have about Sherman Oaks, CA Eyelash Extensions

Is receiving lashes during pregnancy possible and how?

Absolutely, you can get your lashes done for the first time, and continue with refills while you are pregnant. To explain things further, there is nothing dangerous about getting lashes done and being pregnant. Laying supine most likely will be a complication, even though sometimes, lying in that position is difficult for any no pregnant person as well. It is easier to lay on the side of your body, with your face towards the person doing your lashes so she can easily access your beautiful face. If you’re wondering, I got mine done at Blinkbar.

How frequent do you get them done you might ask next? Typically people get them done every 3 weeks but if you take great care of them, they can last up to 4 weeks. Refills are really a no brainer once you’ve gone through it one time. Just like getting your a manicure and pedicure at the salon done.

If you’re thinking next: “Are they painful?”, the answer is without a doubt, a big fat not! Imagine something cosmetic that is on you, that you can’t even feel! And they are beautiful? What a win win, again.

Would you say you get your value out of getting your eyelashes put on?

Absolutely, they are worth the money and it costs about a few dollars shy of 50 dollars. Totally worth the initial cost.

A naturally beautiful look is at your fingertips all the time. Why? Because you just wake up that way. Pulling off eyelash glue, is a thing of the past! You don’t have to put a full face of makeup on either. Because you just look eyelashes up, and ready to hit the town. You woke up that way.

What are the cons?

You don’t want to be banging your eyelashes around, and not taking care of them. It does matter how you sleep (which is on your back), and the type of facial cleanser you use. It is a mild cost compared to looking eyelash flawless all the time.

In terms of timeframe: You are looking at maybe an hour or a little longer your first time, and about 45 minutes for monthly refills. Kind of like getting your nails done so why not get the all done at the same time.

General care when it comes to cleaning your extensions, answered

You just don’t want to scrub hard around your eyes. Other than that, clean up as you would regularly. You want to just avoid oil in any cleaning products or washes for your face. Make up wipes that don’t have oil in them, will ensure you don’t hurt your lash area. Hot water is something that should be avoided anyways, but also don’t use it for your lashes. Make sure they are 48 hours free from getting wet as well.

Refilling your eyelashes answered. It makes sense to expect to get your eyelashes done, every three weeks roundabout. That is a good guesstimate.

Tips to Have The Perfect Wedding

Plan Early

The moment you set your date you should begin wedding planning; you’ll need to be setting aside weekends and work holidays to attend wedding fairs and venue tours. The earlier you begin planning your wedding, the less stress it’ll give you in the long run. Preparation means planning, and with a big event like a wedding you’ll be planning your preparation. Meeting with caterers, employing entertainers, and planning your guest list are all time-consuming and expensive procedures. With weddings the rule is simple: fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Know Your Budget

The first thing you should be planning is your budget. Don’t even consider viewing anything until you know how much you’re willing to spend. As a rule, expect to spend more than you initially plan for, as unexpected costs appear at every corner. Attention to detail is always crucial for financial planning, and this rule applies to the extreme with weddings. Things like dresses, table gifts, and entertainment aren’t just fixed costs – you’ll be paying for alterations and additions until the day you’re married. Wedding

suppliers offer various rates for catering and décor, so do your research before you buy.

Pre-marital Parties

The hen-party or stag-night may happen before the actual wedding-day itself, but party preparations are as much a part of your wedding planning as the big event. A memorable party sticks in the minds of your closest guests, and an unsuccessful party does nothing to soothe pre-wedding nerves, which is the whole point! Choosing the right bridesmaids and best man is key to this, as they’re likely the ones who will be planning your big premarital blowout. Not all parties have to be wild; depending on your temperament you can opt for a crazy evening for the history books, or an activity-filled day of adventure. Great alternative activities for bonding with your bridesmaids and groomsmen include set meals, white-water rafting, paintball, and archery.

Getting the Right Photographer

Once you’ve packed away the tables, cleaned up the venue, and paid your debtors, the lasting memories of your big day will undoubtedly be defined by the photographs you have of it. Hiring a talented, professional photographer guarantees that you’ll have the best lasting impression of your wedding day. Good photographers will go the extra mile to ensure they get the best shots while staying incognito – fostering a good relationship with your photographer early on and communicating your needs early on means less marching about on your big day.

Agree on the Guest List

The people who attend your wedding will be defined by your relationship on a case-by-case basis, and it’s a great start to married life if you and your partner can agree on a guest list. Avoiding troublesome relatives and compromising on the composition of your tables is key – it’ll require communication between you and your partner to ensure that feuding family members are kept far apart!

Remember What It’s For

It’s easy to get lost in the details when you’re planning your wedding, and in a high-stress environment it’s possible to lose sight of everything you’re after. Remember throughout the process that weddings are a labour of love, for the one you love! It’ll all be worth it when everything comes together.


4 Tips For Fuller Looking Hair

Many people would love to have hair that falls down perfectly in thick gorgeous locks.  Nothing says beauty like a thick head of hair like something straight out of a shampoo commercial.  Unfortunately, however, often times the way hair looks on television isn’t exactly how it looks in the mirror.

If you want to be able to achieve that perfect commercial perfect hair then you will have to adapt some of the secrets of the pros. Here is how they do it.

Hair Extensions

If your hair is lifeless and flat, then no amount of products is going to get you all the way to that voluminous look that you want.  Sometimes the only thing to do is to add extra hair.  Hair extensions are the answer to adding extra body and length while still maintaining a natural look unlike wearing a full wig.

You can use hair extensions which you can clip in or out on daily basis as you like, or you can go to a professional for a full set of extensions which last you several months.  Each has its pro’s and cons.  The clip in extensions are more affordable and convenient with less commitment.  However, the semi-permanent extensions look much more natural and require no daily maintenance or application.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo adds an extra boost of life to your roots by giving it a starchy lift.  If you use dry shampoo throughout the day then your hair will stay more voluminous for a longer period of time.

Dry shampoo is especially helpful for people who have bangs since bangs can tend to pick up on your foreheads oil as the day progresses and cause your bangs to fall flat.  Make sure to always apply dry shampoo only at the roots as this is where it is most needed.

Root Volumizer

Using some kind of a volumizing product on your hair at the roots before blow drying is going to give your hair much more volume than if dried with no product.  Many volumizing products are heat activated so make sure that you apply the volumizer and add some heat protectant before you blast away with your hairdryer.

At the end of your blowout, try flipping your hair upside down and giving a few additional spritzes of your volumizer or hairspray for a finishing volume-filled touch.

Wash Your Hair Less Often

It may seem counter intuitive but the less you wash your hair the less oil your hair will produce and less flat and lifeless.

Experts recommend washing your hair every 2-3 days and even less if you think you can swing it.  After a few weeks of this, you will find that your hair has a whole new breath of life in it.

Why Provide Pre-Tied Instead of Self-Tied Bow Ties for Your Staff?

Pre-tied bow ties are often confused with clip-on bow ties; for that very reason, many business owners consider them a substandard article of clothing, insisting instead that their staff should use self-tied bow ties.

Unfortunately, that’s quite a short-sighted decision. Self-tied bow ties do have their advantages, but there’s a reason they are worn more by guests at cocktail parties than by the people serving their food. Here are just a few important reasons why pre-tied bow ties will be better for your staff.

Ease of Use

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, pre-tied bow ties are very easy to get on and off – all you need to do is fasten a piece of elastic around your neck and make sure the bow itself is centred underneath your chin. Not many people know how to tie a self-tied bow tie, and there’s really no point in having to go through lessons for each new staff member. A pre-tied bow tie is easy to slip on and off, and they can be fitted to different neck sizes in a flash simply by adjusting the elastic.

Perfect Every Time

The clothes that your staff wear are going to either positively or negatively affect your business. With a self-tied bow tie, you’ll find it hard to achieve a sense of uniformity since everyone will tie theirs a little bit differently. Some people might even get a little sloppy, and it’s not uncommon for a self-tied bow tie to noticeably loosen, especially when worn for long shifts. When you opt for a pre-tied style for your custom bow ties, everything is going to be perfect whenever the bow tie is worn.

Improved Safety

Your staff probably don’t work in an environment in which anyone is likely to reach out and grab their bow-tie in order to cause bodily harm, but it’s still worth remembering that pre-tied bow ties are a lot safer since they cannot form a choking hazard. Additionally, your staff may be working with younger children; if they reach up and grab a self-tied bow tie, it can be quite uncomfortable for your staff member to get themselves free.

Get Beach Body Ready with These Simple Exercises

The summer is on its way, and you want to get ready for the beach! You’ve spent the last few months eating too much, haven’t kept up with your exercise routine, and now you are going to have to work hard to get back in shape! It’s the same for men and women, and despite promising yourself you will stay in shape, you do it every year! You didn’t renew that gym membership because you never used it, so what is the alternative? How about installing a mini-gym set-up at home?

We’re not talking about a full and complex gym with expensive machines; start with something simple yet useful, and inexpensive. We suggest you take a look at the pull up bar, a great and cheap item of gym equipment that you will use regularly. It’s a very versatile device, and you will find it extremely useful for toning those muscles ready for the summer! The only problem is, where do you put it? We have some ideas that may help!

Buying Pull Up Bars

There are many different types of pull up bars to choose from, so we advise that you take a look at some of the reviews online. Then, you need to find an appropriate space in which to put it. You don’t need a large area, but you do need clear space around it as some of the exercises involved include spreading your body out horizontally while suspending yourself in mid-air. The best place may actually be outdoors, but if that is not possible, a spare room or the garage will do the trick.

So, what exercises can you perform using pull up bars? You could start with the standard chin-up, a great way of toning those biceps and forearms, and also for the back. You can also try the behind-neck pull up, which is great for your lats, and is easy to do once you master the technique. In fact, there are various different types of chin-up and pull-up that you can easily perform using your pull up bars, and there is plenty of information online that can show you how to get the best out of your equipment.

Exercise at Work

One of the best ways of getting exercise is to convince your bosses that you need pull up bars at work. The fact is that if you feel good about your body, you also feel better in your mind, so will be able to perform to your best ability in your job. It is not an expensive idea, and if a few of your colleagues also want to exercise, can be a great idea for the workplace. Many offices and factories are installing gym equipment – both indoors and outside – so it makes a lot of sense.

Check out pull up bars now and you will see that they are not expensive, and whether you have them at home or at work, you are sure to get a lot of use out of them.

Post-Pregnancy Fashion Tips For Busy Moms

Having a baby is something that changes your body for at least a year.  Whether you are one of those tiny framed women who seem to make it look like you just swallowed a cantaloupe, or you are one of those women who looks like you swallowed the whole produce aisle, you are going to have to accept that your body will be different than usual for a period of time. Continue reading Post-Pregnancy Fashion Tips For Busy Moms

Look Good with Travel Accessories

Summer is nearly here! Let’s hope we get a good one this year, so we can all get out and about and enjoy the sun. Are you planning a trip this year? Perhaps you are taking a holiday abroad or maybe at home? Or, it could be that you want to do some travelling, and need advice on what to take with you? Whatever you are planning, you need to look good, so here’s a few things we think you need that will help you look great while travelling!

The Right Clothes – this one isn’t just about looking good, but also wearing the right stuff. You want clothes that are right for the weather where you plan to go, so check ahead as to what you can expect. You also want to be comfortable, so make sure you buy your wardrobe in advance and try everything on before you go!

Sunglasses – of course we had to include this one, as nobody goes on holiday without a cool pair of shades! If you wear prescription glasses, head down to your optician and see what they can do for you – there are some really cool designer frames to be found in even the high-street discount shops!

Backpack – an essential, wherever you are heading, but the backpack need not be boring and staid – there are some excellent designs out there that look the part. Check out the great review of top 10 travel backpacks we found at Best Reviewer, a website offering reviews of a wide variety of items, including many travel items and gadgets. They give you a full run-down of the top ten in each category, along with pros and cons, a summary and an idea of what you should be paying, and they have some great reviews of stuff that might be good for your travels.

Yoga Mat – even if you don’t practise yoga, one of these very light, very cheap and extremely useful items looks great rolled up and hanging from the backpack, and is a great way of ensuring you have somewhere clean to sit wherever you might be. There’s a review of these are Best Reviewer, too, so you might want to take a look at that one as well as the backpacks.

That’s just a few ideas, and we’re sure you have many more, for things to help you look good on holiday, and they are all very practical too! If you check out Best Reviewer you will also find a whole load of other items that are travel-related, and you might find some of them very neat indeed. For example, travel speakers which can be used wirelessly to give great sound, and are very small, and even travel telescopes, for enjoying the night sky wherever you might be in the world.

Have a look at the reviews and you’ll see what we mean; there’s so much to choose from and you can get fully equipped for your trip away at very little cost.