3 Tips for Dressing During the First Trimester of Pregnancy

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You’re pregnant! Hooray! But you’re not quite announcing that you’re expecting yet, so you don’t want people to be able to look at you and suspect that you’ve got a little bun in your oven, right? This is exactly what dressing for the first trimester of pregnancy is all about.

Because of the chances for complications in the first few months of pregnancy, many women don’t announce that they’re pregnant until a little later on when you can finally start to really tell that there’s a baby growing in their belly. However, even before that bump appears, your body is changing and growing, making it difficult to be comfortable or find something flattering to wear. So to help you feel great even while trying to hide a blossoming body, here are three tips for dressing during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Find The Happy Medium With Tops

Before you get the distinct pregnancy belly, you’ll likely get a little belly pooch that looks more like you’ve simply put on a few pounds around the middle. When this happens, it can be challenging to find shirts that fit well. At this stage, Paula Motte, a contributor to BabyCenter.com, recommends avoiding tops that are either too tight or too loose. Tight tops will accentuate the curves you might want to be hiding at this point in the pregnancy, and loose tops can make you look bigger than you actually are. That’s why, to look and feel your best, try shirts that are reasonably flowy but also retain a decent shape.

Know How To Adjust Your Waistline

Just like your little belly is making it hard to find shirts that work well for you, it’s also making it increasingly difficult to get your pants to fit as well. However, many women don’t want to jump straight to pregnancy pants or leggings when they’re still just at the beginning of a pregnancy. This is when it’s good to know how to make the waist of your pants work for you. Editors of TheBump.com share that in order to get your pants to feel secure around your waist, try using a belly band that will allow you to wear your pants unbuttoned without revealing that you’re letting them out. Or, if you’re in a pinch, you can always try using a hair tie as a makeshift waist elongator to give yourself a few more inches between the button of your fly and the buttonhole.

Give Your Chest The Support It Needs

Your belly’s not the only thing that’s growing in the first trimester. As your bra size also starts to go up, EverydayHealth.com recommends getting a larger, more comfortable bra that your chest can grow into as your pregnancy goes on. You could also try wearing more roomy sports bras to help keep things under control while also staying comfortable during this trimester. If you’re unsure about which sports bras might be best, Get Bra Advice has amazing buyers guides to help you make the right decision and save some of your baby budget!

If you’ve just recently become pregnant and aren’t sure how to dress in the beginning of your pregnancy, use the tips mentioned above to help you look and feel great for these few weeks.