The work I do with clients is rewarding in so many different ways. It is a privilege to help men and women to find their style and sense of beauty. It’s much like watching a flower blossom, each unique, each beautiful and stunning.

A lot of women are unaware of their grace, unsure of what colors, textures and style would enhance their beauty, and I am here to guide and show them how to unveil and express their own unique style. It’s about authenticity and letting your light shine,

it’s about showing your true colors and having the courage to be stunning.

With my support, countless women have uncovered their grace and charm and gone on to lead much happier lives. Though inner beauty is ultimately what it is all about, looking well, dressing elegantly and expressing your personality through clothing are ways of having your inner beauty further extended and expressed.

Feeling attractive goes a long way toward happiness, our self-esteem is raised and we feel good about ourselves.

How I got Started

The roots of my career go back to my childhood. When I was a little girl, I used to “advise” my dolls on what to wear, it just came naturally to me. My mother would sew different dresses, I’d organize little fashion shows and do beauty contests. Even then, I recognized what a strong impact clothing has on our sense of self, how we express ourselves differently depending on the type of clothes we wear.

My Sense of Style

Throughout my childhood, I tried lots of different styles. One year, I’d only wear sporty clothes, the next, I’d wear nothing but princess gowns, then, I spent one year in jeans and cowboy wear until I finally found my own sense of style and learned how to express it. Naturally, I greatly enjoyed the entire process, it’s a bit like unwrapping a present and finally receiving a precious gift.

By the time I left school, my wardrobe was packed with beautiful dresses, exquisite accessories and shoes of all types and styles. The trouble was, I needed occasions to show off my style. I started attending lots of social occasions, just to be able to wear all my elegant clothes.

My personality lent itself perfectly well to participate in gatherings, especially once I realized that my sense of style was causing a stir. I guess, when you work hard at looking stunning, people notice and I certainly enjoyed all the attention I was getting.

Soon, I was invited to many events all over the world, simply because the women at the various gatherings enjoyed having me there and discussing beauty and style. I would often be showered with compliments on my looks and frequently, I would be asked for advice on how to look beautiful. Becoming a beauty consultant was the obvious choice and one of the best ones I have ever made.

My Career in Beauty Consultancy

Without much effort, I got lots of clients immediately, started earning good money and just adored my work. Today, I work with women from all over the world and see it as my job to help them all be as beautiful as they truly are. Often, it’s about having the courage to be stunning and I am continually encouraging my clients to let their true light shine.

My Website and Blog

I established this website as a resource for all women seeking fashion advice, for my clients and for women who haven’t found their style just yet. Here, you will find fashion tips, product reviews, fashion event news and a plethora of resources to help you express your beauty.

Fashion is also about inspiration as women from all across the globe bring forth their unique grace and inspire each other with color, style, texture and flavor.

Together, we make up an exquisite picture of countless gorgeous flowers ready to blossom and shine all at once.