BB Cream – Could This Be the Best Alternative to Foundation?

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I owe my foundation an apology for there is someone new in my life – I have fallen in love with BB Cream! If you have never come across this product before, you are in for a treat! BB Cream is quite simply a moisturising cream which contains a hint of colour in it, which many women are using as an alternative to foundation.

BB Cream Verses Foundation

I still use foundation, despite falling in love with BB cream, but I feel now that although the two can sit side-by-side, each one serves a different purpose at certain times. For a daily cream that I can wear under my make-up when heading out and about, I prefer to use BB Cream.

I have always used foundation as my primer but, as many women will know, foundation can often be heavy on the skin and during the day tends to wear off – especially around the mouth, leaving you looking very strange mid-afternoon in public! Foundation can also play havoc with any kind of white shirt or top, and is not a great look when you turn up to meet a client with a brown smudge running across your collar!

BB Cream is no doubt lighter and, when applying it, it is simply like applying a very delicate cream. I am therefore left with that feeling that my skin can breathe more easily, as opposed to when I use foundation. Yet at the same time, when you get the tint right in your chosen BB cream, it is almost as though you are wearing a light-based foundation.

BB Cream for me looks lighter and indeed brighter on the face. It is also perfect for applying when you decide you don’t want to wear any make-up, but would like to retain a little bit of colour on your face. If it’s the natural look you are going for, you can’t get any better than BB Cream.

Finally, as if those benefits weren’t enough, BB cream is effectively a moisturiser and offers a small amount of sun protection with a low-level SPF. When the winter months are upon us, this is the perfect way to ensure your face is continually protected when out and about in the winter sun.

As for foundation, I continue to use it but rather for the more demanding of occasions such as parties and corporate nights out, when I need to go all out with my look!

If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying BB Cream, I advise you to give it a go. You’ll soon see what all the fuss is about!