Give Your Wardrobe the Respect It Deserves

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If you are like me, you may look at the beautiful and stunningly designed walk-in wardrobes of celebrity’s, and the rich and famous, and sigh, wishing you had something similar! Whilst most of us, included myself, can only dream of such fantastic wardrobes, that little aspect of space is usually what prevents most of us average people from having such a wardrobe – rather than money!

More so, I struggle to store and regularly organise the huge free-standing wardrobe that I currently own. So, I have little faith that I could cope with anything more than my current lot!

Concentrate on The Wardrobe Space That You Have

I have a perfectly good wardrobe in my bedroom which does the job I need it to do. In fact, the current size of my wardrobe would probably offer a heck of a lot more space if only I organised it better! I would probably find much more room for the clothes that currently sit outside of it, piled up waiting to be put away, if I spent a bit more time on preparing the wardrobe beforehand!

Make A Washing and Drying Routine Your Daily Ritual

I find it a struggle most weeks keeping on top of the washing, drying and hanging of my clothes. Okay, I may own slightly more than the average woman due to my work! But, I know I’m not alone with this problem as many of my friends will sympathise with my plight. You see, the mess usually happens when I’m rushing to get out of the door in the morning and I hurry to locate an item, getting stressed and finally pulling at the piles of outfits in my wardrobe to reach the right one. I’m then left with the aftermath of a disrupted wardrobe, which I quickly shove all offending items back in and out of site until I get home to sort them. Trouble is – I don’t then get time that evening – and the messy cycle thus continues!

The solution, which I have only recently implemented, is to get tough on myself. I wash one batch of clothes and then ensure that it is dried, ironed and hung away before I even contemplate the next load. Very slowly, I am starting to find I spend less time searching for outfits in the morning – and that pile of clothes on the floor is finally making it into the wardrobe!

It’s early days yet, but I have learnt a valuable lesson – sometimes it is easier to blame the wardrobe than it is our own bad habits!