How To Express Your Personality With Your Clothing

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The clothes you wear say a lot about you. Clothes are indicators of social status, wealth and they also reveal or perhaps hide aspects of your personality.

If you wear baggy clothes all the time, you may wish to hide your true shape, if you always wear a suit, you may want to emphasize your professional status and if you wear casual clothing all the time, your image will be that of a rather relaxed and easy going individual. No matter what way you look at it, your clothing expresses a part of your personality.

Some people use their clothing to gain respect and status, while others do precisely the opposite and dress down to conceal their wealth.

Some of our choices tend to be conscious, while others are what may be considered accidental but are in actual fact unconscious. You may not wish to make an effort and dress up because you are afraid of the attention you might get, but instead of being aware of your shyness, you may just say to yourself that you don’t like wearing heels.

There are many facets to the psychology of how we dress, and perhaps the most important thing is to try and reflect at least some of who we are with the clothes we wear.

Take a look at some suggestions on how you might express yourself through the clothes you wear.

Expressing Yourself With The Clothes You Wear

We all run the risk of falling victim to fashion trends and powerful brand advertising and more often than not, we simply don’t want to stand out. However, in the spirit of true beauty and authenticity, wearing the clothes you like and feel comfortable in is essential. There are a few golden rules of dressing like a true individual:

Let Your Preferences Overrule Current Trends: If you find yourself hating the current trend and just not finding any item you like, just revert back to clothes you feel and look good in. Don’t be a sheep and don’t wear fashion that clashes with your personality.

Choose Clothes That Raise Your Spirit: We all have items of clothing that lift our spirits and cheer us up. These outfits can help you get through a Monday morning or carry you through an important event. Wear them often and enjoy!

Be Inspired By Others But Don’t Copy Someone Else’s Style: I’ve often been inspired to try new fashion items, but I do try to maintain my own style. While you may seek ideas, it’s best to stay connected to your own sense of fashion.

Wear the Clothes You Love: Don’t let friends and family put you off your style. If someone doesn’t like what you are wearing, it’s their problem, not yours. Don’t be dictated to, make your own choices.

Embrace Your Tones and Shape and Highlight Your Assets: With the help of a stylist or fashion consultant, find out your tones, what colors to put with them, your shape and the best fits. Embrace your natural characteristics and enhance your assets with clever clothing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Cause a Stir: Learn to enjoy getting attention and compliments, bravely wear what you want, regardless of what others may think or say. In most cases, people appreciate brave individuality and will admire you for your authenticity.

Be You

Authenticity and true personality is what it is ultimately down to. It’s also about having a good self-image and loving your own look. It may take a while to develop your style, however, once you know your own natural image and style and dress accordingly, you will look and feel great.