How to Find the Perfect Bag for Work

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I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I have an obsession for bags! For some people it’s shoes; for others it’s bags! And I’m not just talking about one certain bag here – I’m talking bags galore! My obsession even extends to the wonderfully designed woven bags they now encourage us to buy at the stores instead of plastic carrier bags!

Over the years I have amassed a huge collection which, up until a few months back, took over my dining room. However, after a serious talk from my partner – who asked me to justify when I had used most of them, to which I had no come-back considering some still had tags attached to them – I had to rethink the extent of my obsession! I now own what I consider to be a reasonable number of bags!

This culling exercise did get me thinking though – the reason I think I have so many bags is that I’m yet to find that perfect bag which does everything for me!

Does the Perfect Bag Even Exist?

For me, the perfect bag would be one that I feel inclined to use throughout the working week, into the evenings, and then once again throughout the weekends. The perfect bag would see me get rid of all my other bags, for this would be the only one I needed and wanted, and would simply be attached to my shoulder until it was left hanging by its last threads!

Ideally, my perfect bag would have the right number of compartments that existed to offer a home to everything that I need to carry with me day-to-day. I’m not talking about those compartments that once your items go into them, it takes a week to find and identify them! I’m talking practical compartments that work with me when I’m rushing through my bag to locate something, and don’t want to be pulling several other items out of it just to find that one necessary item at the end of it all!

Bag Insert Compartments Just Don’t Do It for Me

You know the ones I’m on about – those compartment bag inserts that you can buy, inserting them into whatever bag you decide on taking out for that day. Though I thought these would solve my problems, I was wrong for I’m yet to find one that holds a few A4 sized items, like my laptop and folder, which are my most essential bag items.

However, I am convinced the perfect bag exists somewhere – and I’m on a mission to find it. If you think you know of the perfect bag that would suit my requirements, please let me know. I’m waiting to hear all about it!