Post-Pregnancy Fashion Tips For Busy Moms

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Having a baby is something that changes your body for at least a year.  Whether you are one of those tiny framed women who seem to make it look like you just swallowed a cantaloupe, or you are one of those women who looks like you swallowed the whole produce aisle, you are going to have to accept that your body will be different than usual for a period of time.

Rather than fighting against the inevitable and letting nature take its course, why not have a little patience and allow your body some time for a change.  You may not be able to squeeze into your tiny cocktail dresses for a while, not that you’ll even have time for it during the first year of your baby’s life, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look cute during your postpartum period.  Here are some fashion tips for how to look cute after having a baby.  

Wear Loose Jeans

You may think that your maternity pants are going to magically go into a drawer never to be seen again once your baby comes out, however, you are in for some news.  Most women report using their maternity pants up to 6 months following the birth and in some cases even longer.  This is because your body has all kinds of extra fluids, fat, and everything else that made it possible for your beautiful baby to be created inside of you.

Rather than shaming your body, work with it! Buy some loose jeans and be comfortable in your skin.  When you force yourself to squeeze into your old tiny skinny jeans you aren’t only going to look a bit funny, but you aren’t going to be one bit comfortable.

Buy a Few Good Hats

During the first few months of your baby’s life, you are going to be so busy you will wonder what it was like to sleep and eat with two hands.  You think this is a joke? No really.  You better start practicing how to eat with one hand as soon as possible.  Sometimes no hands, which takes even more extra skill.

Some days you won’t have time to shower, let alone brush your hair and forget about the hairdryer and flat iron.  Sometimes the best thing that new moms can do for themselves is buying a few hats that they feel cute in.  When you wake up at 8 am and have only slept for 2 hours total you want to hide that head of hair quickly giving the illusion that you are much more put together than you are.

Buy From Cheap Stores

Rather than buying from stores which charge an arm and a leg for clothes, buy from places like Target or H&M.  Since your body isn’t going to be the same in a year from now, don’t waste money on things that won’t eventually fit.