Style Icon: The Duchess of Cambridge

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The Duchess of Cambridge, best known to most of us as Kate Middleton, is a true fashion style icon in my opinion. I also know that many women, of all ages, turn to Kate and try to emulate her style in many of their own lives. So, what is it about this royal woman that we find so compelling?

At nearly 36 years old, Kate, in my opinion, has never put a foot wrong when it comes to her choice in clothes. Every time she attends an engagement, be it at a hospital opening, or a visit to a sports community session, each outfit seems meticulously planned to match the occasion. As a famous woman I would most like to copy, Kate is the one. And I think there is one strong reason why – her style is respectful; something which I feel is currently lacking in the celebrity world of fashion right now!

How to Dress Like a Duchess

Perhaps it is Kate’s English Rose background that contributes to her iconic sense of style. After all, that same classic and sought-after style was ever so present in the late Princess Diana of Wales.  Yet, I’m sure we don’t all need to have a British accent to duplicate Kate’s impressive style! We can simply take note of what she wears, and how she wears it. This includes her hair and make-up preferences:

Less is More with Make-up:  There was an interesting piece in a UK newspaper which highlighted Kate’s make-up. Notably, how she has gone from the heavy kohl eyeliner look to a more softer approach. She has also noticeably toned down her foundation, to work with her skin tone, as she moves through her thirty’s. It is true that a lot of heavy make up can have a negative effect on a woman’s overall look at any time of her life. However, when she reaches her thirties, with the skin tone beginning to change, this is perhaps the best time to go lighter.

Dress to Accentuate the Figure: Kate is naturally very slim indeed. She also has, it seems, a preference for the two-piece suit or dress suit! These items of clothing can often look shapeless if not cut properly. However, Kate combats this by ensuring they fit perfectly to accentuate the curves she does have. They also sit at a perfect height on the knee – not too short, but not too long either. In fact, length wise, she gets it right every time.

Claim Your Hair Cut: Though not drastically, Kate isn’t afraid to change her hair style occasionally, and alters between long and shoulder length cuts when she does. She also seems to prefer to keep to her natural hair colour which, in turn, makes her a great role model for those of us brunettes!