The Basic Workwear Guide for The Office Environment

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Whether you are a Mother returning to the office after raising your family, a recent Graduate about to begin your first job in an office environment, or even if you are simply looking to update your office wear wardrobe, buying clothes for this environment need not be a difficult task.

If you work in an office which does not have a uniform, or code as such, it can be troubling knowing exactly which way to play it with your clothes choice. Do you go smart, smart casual, or just casual? Sometimes looking to your other colleagues for ideas isn’t always the most helpful of suggestions either!

As you are most likely going to be working in this environment Monday through to Friday, and possibly 9 till 5, it makes sense to find something that is not only work appropriate, but ultimately comfortable.

The Standard Office Work Outfit

The usual attire for a woman in the office has always been a suit, whether a trouser or skirt suit, and a smart blouse, topped off with smart low-heeled court shoes. Whilst we continue to evolve and find ourselves in the twenty-first century, I still feel that the premise of this office attire continues to work today. This is perhaps one area of the world of work which hasn’t really changed drastically as the world of fashion has! That said, it is still possible to add your own style to such choices, regardless of the environment.

  • Invest in two suits. One trouser suit, and one skirt suit for added variety. Try to spend as much as you possibly can on these, as such items should last you for some time. A two piece should match in colour and style, and its cut should be comfortable enough for you to move around in. Try the suit jacket on and move around energetically in it before making your final choice. You do not want a jacket that restricts your arm movements, meaning you need to continually take the jacket off to be able to work!
  • Make sure you have enough shirts to cover you for one working week, without having to wash them each time for the next day. With so many shirts and blouses with beautiful striking patterns and cuts, when you wear a basic suit, you can afford to be a bit more adventurous with your shirts.
  • Choose sensible shoes! If you aren’t parading down a catwalk, there is no need for huge spiky heeled shoes or platforms! As you will be spending all day in these shoes, it is essential they are comfortable on your feet. If we’re all honest, high heeled shoes not only hurt our feet, but also our backs! A decent pair of court shoes can finish off the work outfit look in its entirety.