The Importance of Dressing for Success in Any Interview

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You’ve made it through the application stage – well done! Now comes the more nerve-racking of the process – the interview stage! Most of us will likely encounter many interviews during our lifetime. From school careers, to college and university interviews, and then onto the job interviews, unfortunately there is no getting away from them!

You may receive an abundance of tips and techniques on how to cope during the interview, and even a list of potential questions that may crop up during it. However, what I don’t tend to see a lot of are tips given regarding the desired appearance for an interview.

Some people will dress like one or two of the employees they have spotted from the company. But, this can be a risky route to take if those company employees tend to dress more casually. My advice; go as smart as you can, as if your future depends on this one interview.

Tips for Dressing the Part

It goes without saying, shower and wash your hair beforehand! Not only will this make you look more presentable, it will also make you feel fresher as you sit through your interview.

Ladies, go careful on the make-up. Now isn’t the time to start experimenting with that new darker shade of foundation! Play it safe – put on a light base and just add a light colour to eyes and lips. There’s nothing worse than an interviewer being distracted by your make-up choice!

Men, have a shave or tidy up any facial hair. Don’t go in with that five o’clock shadow that looks as though you’ve stopped out all night! Instead, go for the more fresh and revitalised look. Whenever preparing for a big interview, invest in your shaving routine with higher end shaving tools like a good shaving brush, not only will it improve your appearance, it’ll make you feel more confident – which always shows! Check out for information on the best shaving brushes about.

Though they should no longer be a taboo, for some individual employers, tattoos continue to remain one! For the sake of getting through the interview, cover them up using long sleeves or appropriate clothing where they might be visible.

No matter whether it is an office, shop or even a garden centre, dress as smart as you possibly can, preferably wearing a smart suit to your interview.

Ultimately, it should not make any difference how you dress, as to how you perform your job. However, we are all aware that, especially in an interview scenario, that first impressions really do count. Though you aren’t there to be judged on your overall appearance, your presentation is just one of the aspects that an employer will mentally note when they first come across you. Unfortunately, this is just in our nature as human beings.

Once you’ve got the job, you can then relax and work towards a similar dress code like the other employees. However, until then, isn’t it worth trying everything in your power to present the best impression of yourself that you possibly can?