To Cover Grey or Not to Cover Grey? – That is The Question

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A few months back, the fashion world went crazy for a certain hair colour. If you missed the five-minute fad, you may be thinking of purple or blue or bright pink – yet nothing could be further from the truth. The colour that had the industry buzzing was in fact grey. However, the irony was, it wasn’t the natural grey which will greet us all at some time in our lives; it was dyed grey. Yes, celebrities and models were dying their hair grey to get with the current fad! I watched in fascination as the natural colour, that thousands of women around me already possessed, was finally being celebrated. But, no sooner had it arrived – it fizzled out.

So where did it leave the colour grey? Back in the taboo area that’s where!

Grey is Also a Worthwhile Hue

I have never failed to notice the distinction between the labels when a man goes grey, as opposed to a woman. Take George Clooney for example. He embraced his greyness very early on, which I think made him a great role model for all men experiencing the onset of the colour. The media refer to him as a silver fox, a distinguished man with a wonderful silver mane, a most handsome man embracing his natural colour!

Compare this praise to the comments a woman experiences, who has let her inner grey take over, and the results are purely negative and down right disgusting. Old ladies, hags and grannies are only some of the words I can print in this article! It appears that whilst men are considered to look good with grey hair, the total opposite is considered so on a woman, with her grey hair apparently instantly making her look haggard. So, why then did the fashion industry and the media jump on the recent craze for grey hair only a few months ago? Was this merely a case of double standards?

Are We Women to Blame for Grey Negativity

For so long now, many women, especially those who are celebrities, have continued to defy the aging process and colour their hair to combat any immediate signs of grey. We all therefore grow up witnessing women well into their fifties, sixties and seventies with not one strand of grey hair between them, and we take this to be the norm. So, when a woman does choose to embrace this wonderful natural colour, it is a stark contrast – something different from the norm and we, as a society it seems, are not totally comfortable with the results.

Let’s celebrate our natural colour – share with me your wonderful pictures of sassy women rocking that natural grey look, and together we’ll work on changing this negative perception once and for all!