Top Questions Women Have about Sherman Oaks, CA Eyelash Extensions

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Is receiving lashes during pregnancy possible and how?

Absolutely, you can get your lashes done for the first time, and continue with refills while you are pregnant. To explain things further, there is nothing dangerous about getting lashes done and being pregnant. Laying supine most likely will be a complication, even though sometimes, lying in that position is difficult for any no pregnant person as well. It is easier to lay on the side of your body, with your face towards the person doing your lashes so she can easily access your beautiful face. If you’re wondering, I got mine done at Blinkbar.

How frequent do you get them done you might ask next? Typically people get them done every 3 weeks but if you take great care of them, they can last up to 4 weeks. Refills are really a no brainer once you’ve gone through it one time. Just like getting your a manicure and pedicure at the salon done.

If you’re thinking next: “Are they painful?”, the answer is without a doubt, a big fat not! Imagine something cosmetic that is on you, that you can’t even feel! And they are beautiful? What a win win, again.

Would you say you get your value out of getting your eyelashes put on?

Absolutely, they are worth the money and it costs about a few dollars shy of 50 dollars. Totally worth the initial cost.

A naturally beautiful look is at your fingertips all the time. Why? Because you just wake up that way. Pulling off eyelash glue, is a thing of the past! You don’t have to put a full face of makeup on either. Because you just look eyelashes up, and ready to hit the town. You woke up that way.

What are the cons?

You don’t want to be banging your eyelashes around, and not taking care of them. It does matter how you sleep (which is on your back), and the type of facial cleanser you use. It is a mild cost compared to looking eyelash flawless all the time.

In terms of timeframe: You are looking at maybe an hour or a little longer your first time, and about 45 minutes for monthly refills. Kind of like getting your nails done so why not get the all done at the same time.

General care when it comes to cleaning your extensions, answered

You just don’t want to scrub hard around your eyes. Other than that, clean up as you would regularly. You want to just avoid oil in any cleaning products or washes for your face. Make up wipes that don’t have oil in them, will ensure you don’t hurt your lash area. Hot water is something that should be avoided anyways, but also don’t use it for your lashes. Make sure they are 48 hours free from getting wet as well.

Refilling your eyelashes answered. It makes sense to expect to get your eyelashes done, every three weeks roundabout. That is a good guesstimate.