Why Men’s Fashion is Generally More Expensive

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I’ll get back to why looking towards clothing as a gift for the lads is a flawed approach to celebrating their birthdays with a present, but for those ladies who do indeed look towards the wardrobe department for a for-him gift, you probably drop a little tear each year because of how much more expensive men’s fashion appears to be. Men’s clothing is indeed more expensive than ours, but there are some very practical reasons which only make sense for that reality.

Let’s walk through them, shall we?

Men Have Fewer Clothes

Having picked the brains of the men in my life who naturally play their different roles, I can perhaps claim to partially understand how their minds work with regards to their apparent indifference to fashion. If they could get away with it, men would probably wear the same outfit for the whole week and sometimes that’s exactly what they do in fact! Consequently they have fewer clothes than we do, so the clothing retailers who are in on this practice seek to take full advantage of the opportunity to make money out of men’s fashion whenever it arises.

So men’s fashion is indeed generally more expensive because they shop fewer times and have fewer clothes.

Reasons Why Men Shop Fewer Times

There are perhaps many reasons why men shop fewer times, but what is likely the biggest of these reasons is that of the fact that men’s fashion as a concept is relatively new. Up until only a few years ago we’ve had fashion, implicitly women’s fashion, but it wasn’t up until about only a decade ago that men who took better care of themselves and took pride in their dress sense emerged.

Be that as it may, men still shop fewer times – even those who are a little bit more fashion conscious.

A Traditional Lack of Interest in Fashion

This perhaps goes back to making for just another reason why men shop fewer times, but the fact that traditionally men have a general lack of interest in fashion contributes to the reasons why men’s fashion is indeed more expensive. This gives rise to other factors of course, such as how manufacturers and designers approach the production of clothes for men.

Men’s clothes consequently cost more because they simply cost more to produce as they’re built for durability more than anything else. A man will buy an expensive t-shirt, branded or not, if it means that he can wear it for the next three years or so, for example.

Looking Beyond Fashion as Gifts

If you shop via the right channels, there are plenty of awesome gift baskets for guys for example, as a possible alternative to trying to get your special guy up to date with the latest fashion trends, possibly to match your current dress sense. You’ll save a lot of money and your gift will probably be received a lot better than what is suggested by getting him some clothing (that he sucks at dressing himself up).