Why Provide Pre-Tied Instead of Self-Tied Bow Ties for Your Staff?

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Pre-tied bow ties are often confused with clip-on bow ties; for that very reason, many business owners consider them a substandard article of clothing, insisting instead that their staff should use self-tied bow ties.

Unfortunately, that’s quite a short-sighted decision. Self-tied bow ties do have their advantages, but there’s a reason they are worn more by guests at cocktail parties than by the people serving their food. Here are just a few important reasons why pre-tied bow ties will be better for your staff.

Ease of Use

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, pre-tied bow ties are very easy to get on and off – all you need to do is fasten a piece of elastic around your neck and make sure the bow itself is centred underneath your chin. Not many people know how to tie a self-tied bow tie, and there’s really no point in having to go through lessons for each new staff member. A pre-tied bow tie is easy to slip on and off, and they can be fitted to different neck sizes in a flash simply by adjusting the elastic.

Perfect Every Time

The clothes that your staff wear are going to either positively or negatively affect your business. With a self-tied bow tie, you’ll find it hard to achieve a sense of uniformity since everyone will tie theirs a little bit differently. Some people might even get a little sloppy, and it’s not uncommon for a self-tied bow tie to noticeably loosen, especially when worn for long shifts. When you opt for a pre-tied style for your custom bow ties, everything is going to be perfect whenever the bow tie is worn.

Improved Safety

Your staff probably don’t work in an environment in which anyone is likely to reach out and grab their bow-tie in order to cause bodily harm, but it’s still worth remembering that pre-tied bow ties are a lot safer since they cannot form a choking hazard. Additionally, your staff may be working with younger children; if they reach up and grab a self-tied bow tie, it can be quite uncomfortable for your staff member to get themselves free.