Working from Home Does Not Equal Lounging in Pyjamas All Day!

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As well as travelling extensively for work, when I’m home, I work from my home office. A solution that just happens to be the most sensible, it’s often met with envy by people I come across – often more so than the travelling I undertake! It appears that many people believe those of us who work from home, in whatever capacity, have the luxury of wearing our Pyjamas all day as we do so!

Considering that I’ve worked this way for some time now, I can honestly say that I have never once worn my pyjamas when working at home – and with good reason!

Dress for The Role You Perform

One of the more motivating of tips I picked up very early in the fashion game was about dressing for the right job. If you work in an office everyday with other business people, you usually wear a smart suit. If you work in a workshop, and need to wear projective clothes, you perhaps wear a standard boiler suit to comply with health and safety regulations.

However, when it comes to working from home, the jury is still undecided as to what passes for an acceptable uniform!

What Should You Wear When Working from Home?

As soon as I began working from home, it was assumed I would dress more casual and relaxed, if not pyjamas then jeans or slacks with baggy comfortable jumpers. Yet, let me ask you; when you wear these specific items, how do you feel? For me, I feel how the designers who created such items wanted us to feel – comfortable. They are cosy and snug and make me feel like the weekend has already arrived, and I’m in full relaxed mode.

But, during the week when I come to sit at my desk to get on with a potential 12-hour shift ahead of me, this comfortable and cosy feeling is not going to help with my work productivity!

That is why you will not catch me wearing anything other than smart work attire when I work from home.

For me, clothes immediately change my mentality, my thoughts and my mood. It therefore makes sense that, if I’m working from home, I need to be dressed and ready to hit the ground running. A smart blouse and a pair of trousers usually does the trick, or a smart dress teamed with a pair of shoes. Yep, even the shoes need to make me feel as though I mean business!

If you find yourself lacking in motivation when working from home – look at the clothes you wear to your desk. You could just change your entire outlook by dressing for success.